Li-Yan Infusion Phamacopoeia Formulation

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    Soothe Throat Detoxify Powder.
    Recommended use:
    Traditional Chinese Medicine used to detoxify heat, dispel Wind一Heat Pathogen to relieve symptoms such as sore throat and tonsillitis.
    Adult,Orally, 1 Sachet,3-4 Times Daily
    Do not use when pregnant, breastfeeding or in cases of intestinal obstruction, abdominal pain of unknown origin, or any inflammatory condition of the intestine (appendicitis, colitis, Crohn's disease, irritable bowel, etc) or if you have kidney stones or liver disease. Do not eat spicy or excessively salty food when taking this product. Consult a Health Care Practitioner prior to use if you have anaemia or gallstones. Consult a Health Care Practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen. Keep out of reach from children.
    Store in well closed containers, keep away from moisture.