Skin Blood Toxin Cleaning Pills

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    Blood detoxify Skin Healing pills.
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    NPN: 80042412

    Recommended Use: Traditional Chinese medicine used to clear away toxic heat in blood, promote the subsidence of swelling and relieve itching; used for eczema, itching of skin, fleck, acne accompanied with the symptoms of dizziness and constipation due to toxic heat in blood, channels and collaterals.

    Recommended Dose:
    8 pills, 3 times daily. For adults only.

    Risk Information: Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use if you are having a common cold or influenza.

    Medicinal Ingredients/ingrédients médicinaux:
    Angelica dahurica,baizhi(root/racine) , Angelica sinensis, danggui(root/racine) , Arctium lappa, niubangzi(fruit/fruit) , Arnebia euchroma, zicao(root/racine) , Bassia scoparia,difuzi(fruit/fruit) , Bolbostemma paniculatum, tubeimu(rhizome/rhizome) , Carthamus tinctorius, honghua(flower/fleur) , Corydalis bungeana, kudiding(herb flowering & fruiting/herb floraison et la fructification) , Cryptotympana pustulata, chantui(whole/tout) , Dictamnus dasycarpus, biaxianpi(root bark/écorce de racine) , Forsythia suspense, lianqiao(fruit/fruit) , Gleditsia sinensis, zaojiao Ci(spine/épine) , Glycyrrhiza uralensis , gancao(root/racine),Imperata cylindrical,baimao(rhizome/rhizome),Kadsura longipedunculata, zijingpi(root bark/écorce de racine) , Leonurus japonicas, yimucao (herb top/herbe top) , Ligusticum sinense cv. Chuanxiong, chuanxiong(rhizome/rhizome), Lonicera japonica, jinyinhua(flower/fleur) , Lonicera japonica, rendongteng(branch/branche) ,Orthriophis taeniurus,shetui(skin/peau) ,Paeonia lactiflora, baishao(root/racine),Paeonia lactiflora,chishao(root/racine),Paeonia suffruticosa,mudanpi(root bark/ écorce de racine),Phellodendron chinense, huangbo(stem bark/écorce de la tige) ,Platycodon grandiflorum, jiegeng(root/racine),Prunus armeniaca, kuxingren(seed/semence),Prunus persica,taoren(seed/semence) ,Rehmannia glutinosa, shengdihuang(root/racine) ,Rehmannia glutinosa, shudihuang (root/racine),Rheum palmatum, dahuang (root & rhizome/racine et rhizome) ,Rubia cordifolia, qiancao(root & rhizome/racine et rhizome) ,Saposhnikovia divaricate, fangfeng(root/racine) ,Schizonepeta tenuifoliam, jingjiesui(flower stalk/pédoncule) ,Semiaquilegia adoxoides, tiankui(root/racine) ,Smilax glabra, tufuling(rhizome/rhizome) ,Spatholobus suberectus, jixueteng(root/racine) ,Spirodela polyrhiza, fuping(herb top/herbe top) ,Wolfiporia extensa, fuling(sclerotium/ sclerotium) ,Xanthium sibiricum, cangerzi(fruit/fruit)