Frequent Urination

This refers to increase in the frequency of urination;  the amount of urine may be normal or increased.  Frequent urination with a large amount of clear urine is due to Kidney Qi failing to consolidate urine in the bladder.  Frequent urination,  urgency with small amount of deep-yellow urine or even with bloody or painful urination is due to damp-heat in the bladder.  An increase in nocturnal (night) urination with clear urine is seen in late stage kidney disease or aged people  where the kidney-yang fails to control the urine excretion.

Frequent urination indicates either deficiency of Kidney-Yang or sinking of Spleen-Qi if the urine is pale. If the urine is dark and micturition painful, frequency is due to Damp Heat. Scanty urination with dark urine indicates deficiency of Kidney-Yin. Scanty urination with pale urine may indicate severe deficiency of Kidney-Yang.


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