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    Cinnamon Twig,Cinnamomi Rarnulus,GuiZhi

    【PROPERTI & CHANNELESN TERED】acrid, sweet, warm;Heart, Lung, Bladder
    【KEY CHARACTERISTICS】light and warm, releases the muscle layer, unblocks yang qi, warms the middle
    1.Releases the exterior and assists the yang.
    2.Warms and unblocks the channels and collaterals.
    3.Warms the yang and transforms thin mucus.
    4.Assists the Heart yang and unbloclcs the yang qi of the chest.
    5.Warms the channels, vessels, and collaterals.
    6.Warms the middle and directs turbid yin downward.
    【CAUTIONS& CONTRAINDICATI】Contraindicated in cases of warm-heat pathogen disease, yin deficiency with heat signs, and heat in the blood with vomiting. During pregnancy or in cases of excessive menstruation, use only in doses of 6g or less, preferably the dry-hied cinnamon twigs. Its use is also discouraged where there are signs of pathogenic heat.

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