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Dekang Medical began development in the heart of Mississauga. We were founded with the goal of providing patients with the highest degree of healthcare. Dekang Medical aims to combine the latest developments in western medicine with traditional Chinese medical procedures to provide patients with a comprehensive medical outlook. We strive to become the leading Chinese medical healthcare provider in preventative medicine, treatment, and improvement of health. Dekang Medical is determined in making outstanding contributions to the neighboring communities.

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We accept extended health insurance. HCAI & WSIB certified with the top 12 Canadian Insurers. 

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Siyuan Cup Toronto College Badminton Tournament

 The Siyuan Cup badminton tournament was hosted by the Canadian

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Lilac Cup Volleyball League

The Lilac Cup Volleyball Tournament was hosted by the Canadian

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Michael Liang

R.AC, R.TCMP, Osteopathy, CEO of Dekangmedical

Michael has a plethora of practical experiences and accompanying researches in related natural therapy fields. Some of these researches include successful clinical cases on respiratory diseases, digestive diseases, Obesity, and Reproductive/Urinary diseases...

Holly Zheng

R.AC, Doctor of Medicine in China, Postdoctorate fellow in the U.S, and is now a registered acupuncturist in Canada. Holly joined Dekang Medical in 2019 spring and mainly focus on Gynecology, Pediatrics and Cosmetic medicine.

Amy Du

R.AC, R.TCMP, Amy completed her medical degree and her M.Sc. from Shandong Medical University and proceeded her PhD in cardiology afterwards. She was a physician specialized in Internal Medicine and Cardiology for 9 years in China.

Rose Zhang

RMT, Rose specializes in massage therapy and is a registered massage therapist. Rose uses massage therapy to help and treat a variety of physical problems in addition to soothing the mental state of her patients.