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Dekang Medical a commencé son développement au cœur de Mississauga. Nous avons été fondés dans le but de fournir aux patients le plus haut niveau de soins de santé. Dekang Medical vise à combiner les derniers développements de la médecine occidentale avec les procédures médicales traditionnelles chinoises pour offrir aux patients une perspective médicale complète. Nous nous efforçons de devenir le premier fournisseur chinois de soins de santé médicaux en médecine préventive, en traitement et en amélioration de la santé. Dekang Medical est déterminé à apporter une contribution exceptionnelle aux communautés voisines.

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Nous acceptons une assurance maladie étendue. Certifié HCAI et CSPAAT avec les 12 meilleurs assureurs canadiens.

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Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Dekang’s Friendly Reminder: Winter flu Outbreak

As we near the winter holidays, and as we begin to see more and more snow on the ground, there is one thing to keep in mind...

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Cosmetic Acupuncture , the Royal Family's Choice!

In 2018, acupuncture therapy became a sensation and was made popular by none other than the British royal family... 
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Promote your immunity with Acu-Points Sticker

Acu-Points Sticker is a procedure in traditional Chinese medicine in which medicated patches are placed on various acupuncture points on the body.

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Michael Liang

R.AC, R.TCMP, Osteopathy, CEO of Dekangmedical

Michael has a plethora of practical experiences and accompanying researches in related natural therapy fields. Some of these researches include successful clinical cases on respiratory diseases, digestive diseases, Obesity, and Reproductive/Urinary diseases...

Holly Zheng

R.AC, Doctor of Medicine in China, Postdoctorate fellow in the U.S, and is now a registered acupuncturist in Canada. Holly joined Dekang Medical in 2019 spring and mainly focus on Gynecology, Pediatrics and Cosmetic medicine.

Amy Du

R.AC, R.TCMP, Amy completed her medical degree and her M.Sc. from Shandong Medical University and proceeded her PhD in cardiology afterwards. She was a physician specialized in Internal Medicine and Cardiology for 9 years in China.

Rose Zhang

RMT, Rose specializes in massage therapy and is a registered massage therapist. Rose uses massage therapy to help and treat a variety of physical problems in addition to soothing the mental state of her patients.