Epigastric Pain

Epigastric pain is mainly manifested by pain in the epigastrium, but also pain occurring under the xiphoid and between the costal arches. Although epigastric pain is often an illness of the digestive tract, in TCM it is also called ‘true Heart pain’, related with Heart, Liver and Spleen, as well as the Stomach. TCM holds that epigastric pain could be caused by invasion of External factors, weakness of the Internal organs, mental disorders and stress. Bad diet and eating habits and trauma can also be causative factors.

According to modern medicine, this problem in children is mainly caused by chemical and physical stimuli or is an inflammatory reaction of the gastric wall to bacteria, viruses or other factors, such as in acute or chronic gastritis, gastrospasm, gastrointestinal dyspepsia. Attention should be paid to acute appendicitis, because it could start with the symptoms of epigastric pain.

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