Kidney Deficiency

This headache is due to deficient Kidney-Essence failing to reach the head and nourish the brain. It may manifest with deficiency of Kidney-Yin or Kidney-Yang as the Essence has a Yin and a Yang aspect. The headache is experienced inside the brain and not in any specific place and is accompanied by dizziness and a feeling of emptiness of the brain. When the Kidney deficiency affects the Bladder channel, the headache may also occur on the occiput. The headache from Kidney-Yang deficiency is somewhat milder and more similar to that from Qi deficiency, whilst that from Kidney-Yin deficiency is more severe and feels deeper in the head. In both cases the headache may occur after sexual activity. Other manifestations depend on whether there is a deficiency of Kidney-Yin or Kidney-Yang. In case of Kidney-Yin deficiency there will be a feeling of heat in the evening, scanty urination, dizziness, tinnitus, soreness of the lower back, slight constipation, a Red tongue without coating and a Floating-Empty pulse. In caseof Kidney-Yang deficiency there will be a feeling of cold, soreness of the lower back and knees, abundant-pale urination, a Pale tongue and a Deep and Weak pulse.