Chinese Arborvitae Twig (CeBaiYe)

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    【PROPERTI】Bitter,Astringent,Slightly Cold
    【CHANNELS ENTERED】Lung,Liver,Large Intestine
    Cools the Blood and stops bleeding;
    Stops cough and asthma and expels Phlegm;
    Promotes the healing of burns and generates flesh (topical);
    Promotes hair growth;
    Clears Damp-Heat;
    Dispels Wind-Dampness
    Blood Heat bleeding with hematemesis, bleeding gums, hemafecia, hematuria, bloody dysenteric disorders and uterine bleeding;
    This herb may be combined with appropriate herbs to treat bleeding associated with Cold patterns;
    Lung Heat with cough;
    Phlegm Heat, especially important for viscous, difficult-to-expectorate, blood-streaked sputum;
    Burns (topically in powdered form in the early stages over a moderate area);
    Hair loss;
    Vaginal discharge due to Damp-Heat;
    Wind-Damp Bi
    【Cautions& Contraindications】
    Contraindicated for those with no symptoms of Heat and Dampness.
    Long-term use or a large dose may create nausea, and/or vomiting and dizziness.
    Use caution for deficient patients with bleeding and Blood Stasis.
    Use caution for those with Spleen and Stomach Deficiency Cold.
    Avoid using during pregnancy and while breast feeding.
    This herb must be combined with appropriate herbs for use with deficient patients.