Costaziae Skeleton (FuHaiShi)

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    Clears Heat from the Lungs, transforms Phlegm and disperses Stagnation;
    Softens hardness and dissipates Phlegm nodules;
    Promotes urination and unblocks the upper source for water (Lungs)
    Heat Accumulation in the Lungs with viscous, difficult-to-expectorate sputum or hemoptysis;
    Usually used for long-term disorders, chronic coughing;
    Scrofula, goiter and similar disorders caused by Phlegm-Fire;
    Hot, stony painful urinary dysfunction (Stone Lin);
    【Cautions& Contraindications】
    Contraindicated for those with cough and rebellious Qi due to Deficient Qi rushing upward.
    Contraindicated for those with Phlegm and thin mucus due to Spleen and Stomach Deficiency.
    Use caution for those with cough caused by Deficiency and Cold.