Morning Glory Seeds (QianNiuZi)

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    【PROPERTI】Bitter,Acrid,Cold,Slightly Toxic
    【CHANNELS ENTERED】Kidney,Large Intestine,Lung,Small Intestine
    Drives out water through the urine and stool;
    Descends Lung Qi and drives out Phlegm and thin mucus (Tan Yin);
    Unblocks the bowels and removes Damp-Heat;
    Expels intestinal parasites and reduces Stagnation
    Edema and ascites from Stagnation of pathogenic water or Dampness;
    Constipation due to Heat accumulation in the Stomach and Intestines;
    Can be used as a stand-alone herb;
    Thin mucus obstructing the Lungs with cough, wheezing and a sensation of fullness in the chest and abdomen;
    Constipation due to accumulation and Stagnation of Damp-Heat or Food Stagnation in the Stomach and Intestines (reduce the dosage);
    Tapeworm or roundworm infestation;Food Stagnation
    【Cautions& Contraindications】
    Contraindicated during pregnancy;
    Use caution for those with Qi Deficiency or a weak Stomach.