Myrobalan Fruit (HeZi)

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    【CHANNELS ENTERED】Lung,Stomach,Large Intestine
    Astringes the Intestines and stops diarrhea;
    Contains leakage of Lung Qi, stops coughing, improves the condition of the throat (Descends Lung Qi) and relieves Qi Stagnation in the diaphragm and chest
    Chronic diarrhea and dysenteric disorders (both Heat and Cold patterns);
    Intestinal Wind with hemafecia;
    Chronic coughing, wheezing, and especially loss of voice;
    Coughing due to Phlegm-Fire Obstructing the Lungs (in combination)
    【Cautions& Contraindications】
    Contraindicated for those with exterior patterns.
    Contraindicated for those with internal accumulation and Stagnation of Damp-Heat.
    Use with caution for those with acute coughing and diarrhea.
    Use with caution for those with Spleen Deficiency.
    It may inhibit digestive function.