Sterculia Seed (PangDaHai)

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    Semen Sterculiae Lychnophorae,Sterculia Seed,PangDaHai
    【Properti & Channelesh tered】Sweet,Cold;Large Intestine,Lung,(Stomach)
    【Actions】Clears and disseminates Lung Qi,Moistens the Intestines and unblocks the bowels,Encourages the expression of rashes;
    【Indications/Syndromes】Sore throat, hoarseness, Phlegm-Heat cough and constrained Lung Qi,Mild to moderate constipation due to Heat clumping in the Intestines, often with concurrent headache, red eyes and fever,Adjunctively, as an external wash, for incomplete expression of rashes
    【Cautions & Contraindications】Use caution for those with loose stools.